Solander Seafood - Ocean to Plate

Cold Chain

Solander is committed to food safety and ensuring the best possible cold chain for our fresh and frozen products.

Each fish is handled with care from the moment of capture to final distribution. Our staff are HACCP trained and we have dedicated quantity control officers ensuring standards are maintained. We continuously seek through innovation to improve the quality of the end product delivered to global markets.

RWS systems, Solander 1000, Individual grading and quality control, Bubble foil insulation, Cold Chain Temperature recording and monitoring are just some of the innovations we have added to our business.

Cold chain: the sequence of temperature controlled events from raw material supply, through production, manufacture or slaughter, to the presentation of the product for final consumption.

Diagram of the Solander cold chain for fresh fish:

  1. Fish Caught – immediately transferred to pre cooling tank
  2. Vessel – RSW – (minus 1.5)
  3. Processing – bubble foil insulation and temp monitoring
  4. Airport transport – refrigerated truck
  5. Pre Flight storage – chilled facilities at Nadi Airport
  6. Arrival – Pre distribution inspection in LAX